Are You Listening??

Listening Habits…..



There are a lot of articles out there about what’s wrong with the music industry. But let’s examine for a moment the way we currently listen to music.


One used to sit down in front of the best stereo they could afford- usually something that cost more than the table it was sitting on- and listen for an uninterrupted 45 minutes or so to an entire album. It was an event, something that you took time out for to enjoy, be inspired and connect. Today, our listening to music has become compressed, squeezed into the available crevices of our life and listened to on a woefully inadequate albeit convenient playback system called mp3’s- a perfect medium for a time-obsessed  society. Listening to music has become more like a soundtrack that we ignore playing in the background  of our lives rather than an experience that allows us to appreciate the true artistry that is Music.


I must admit, that I am every bit as guilty of this as anyone else. I’ll give a detailed listening to a track on a CD in the studio, but that’s more of a technical analysis project than an enjoyable experience of the art form I so love. And that is so sad. So….carve out an hour this week and really listen to some music. Take time to unplug from your schedule and allow yourself to connect and be inspired again by the “gift” that is music.


…….. and let me know how it goes.


From This Side of the Board,






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