Avoiding Music Technology Overload

There is no doubt. We currently have way more technology than the average joe can keep up with let alone use. Don’t believe me? Just open the Calculator on your phone and turn it sideways.


So that’s where I go when I need to know the cube root of 44 to 15 places! ??????

It’s true, technology is here to stay but it’s easy to spend way too much time exploring recording or music technology to the point of being overwhelmed. I know I’ve certainly fallen down the Pro Tools rabbit hole a few times, surfacing after a couple hours, over-caffeinated with little to show for it.

The truth is you don’t need to “know it all” in order to accomplish what you set out to learn or do. Here are few quick tips to help you navigate the technology wilderness without becoming overloaded or burned out.

First: Choose your topic carefully. Concentrate on learning things that will help you to work more efficiently I recently spent time studying Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts. By lessening the use of the mouse I was able to increase efficiency.Also focus on learning something that your clients have wanted in the recording environment that you may not have been able to pull off at the time.(Not that that’s ever happened to me..haha)

Second: Set a time limit. While it’s easy (for me, anyway) to have an obsession for getting something resolved right then & there, you will actually  benefit from a little time away from the topic. It helps you to avoid frustration and brain burn out. When you come back to what you are studying, you will be able to see it with fresh eyes and possibly a better attitude.

Third:  When you do learn something or solve a problem, MAKE GOOD NOTES! The operative word here being GOOD! I know that I’ve had to re-learn things because of inadequate notes I made the first time I dealt with the issue- a very frustrating waste of my time. Along the same lines, if, in the course of a session, you come across a topic for later study, put it on a list.

Fourth: Pull out those old good study habits you learned in school! Applying a few good habits can go along way towards cutting down on the technical clutter you have to wade through. Been to long since you were studying in school? Check out these helpful links below. While they come from an academic environment, take what you can use from them and ignore the rest…kinda like the Pro Tools User Guide!



Finally, For you musician types- Use  the time you saved to hone your craft. In other words,  Practice! Because really, making good music is the whole reason we all got into this recording thing…. isn’t it?





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  1. so that is what the calculator is for????

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